What is Bushcraft?

Posted by Trenton Stander on 25th Oct 2018 in Bushcraft
Image showing bushcraft items.

Bushcraft is the common term for wilderness survival skills. It’s about thriving in the natural environment with a great understanding of your surroundings, utilising natural resources at hand to accomplish various tasks in the wild. Bushcraft skills include:

  • Campcraft
  • Shelter building
  • Navigation
  • Firecraft
  • Trapping
  • Tracking
  • Foraging
  • Hunting/fishing


Image showing book written by Richard Graves.
The 10 Bushcraft Books by Richard Graves

The origin of the word “bushcraft” comes from the skills one used in the bush country of Australia. It was then coined by Richard Harry Graves who was an Irish born Australian poet and novelist. Aside from poetry and adventure novels for children, Graves wrote ten classic books on camping and bushcraft which have since been compiled into one complete book.

The term “bushcraft” became popular in the northern hemisphere by Mors Kochanski. In more recent years it has gained considerable recognition in the United Kingdom due to the popularity of Ray Mears.

Bushcraft Today

Today, Bushcrafting has evolved by integrating the old with the new. Some methods have been improved upon, while other techniques have remained the same throughout all these years. However, the essence of bushcrafting has largely remained the same. In this modern day and age people use bushcraft to escape the rushed and mundane activities of an urban lifestyle. By doing so, not only do they empower themselves with valuable skills, but they also enjoy the peace and tranquility that nature provides.

How has bushcrafting personally affected you? Would you consider it an escape, lifestyle or a hobby?

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