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Posted by Trenton Stander on 16th Nov 2018 in Bushcraft Tools

It can be daunting trying to figure what to take and how much to take when heading out. Bushcrafting is about simplicity. This mindset should be kept when deciding what to take with on your next bushcrafting adventure. This article will go into what size kit is best for your particular scenario, and what should be in that kit to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

The Basics

There are five tools every bushcrafter should have on them when heading out. These tools include:

  • Belt Knife
  • Axe
  • Saw
  • Spoon Knife or Gouge
  • T-handled Auger or Awle

When working with wood one needs to be able to accomplish several  tasks:

  • Shape or carve the wood (Belt Knife)
  • Sever the fibers of wood (Axe)
  • Split the wood along the grain (Axe)
  • Cross-cut the wood (Saw)
  • Make concavities in the wood (Spoon Knife or Gouge)
  • Bore holes in the wood (Auger or Awle)

The size of these tools is largely dictated by a number of different factors. This could be the length of time one is planning to be in the woods, what you are planning to do in that time and whether you have a means of transportation or not. All these aspects will determine the size of the kit you will need.

Large Kit

Should a person have a means of transportation and is staying for an extended period of time, they might choose a large kit as it will increase the efficiency at which one can work. You will also be able to take on large projects and accomplish them with relative ease, provided that you have the skill-set to do so. A large kit may consist of the following:

  • Full size felling axe
  • Steel frame bow saw
  • Gouge
  • Belt knife
  • Auger bit

Keep in mind that this will be a heavy kit.

Medium Kit

If your projects demand that you take substantial tools, but you do not have any means of transportation, then you may choose a medium kit. This kit may include:

  • Hunter’s axe
  • Take down buck saw
  • Spoon knife
  • Belt knife
  • Awle

With this kit you would still be able to take on fairly large projects, within reason, but without the weight of a large kit. Time expenditure could be slightly more than if you had a large kit.

Small Kit

A small kit is for someone who is travelling long distance by foot and is not planning on undertaking big projects in the field. It is lightweight, compact and therefore easy to carry. This kit consists of:

  • Camp hatchet
  • Belt knife
  • Folding saw
  • Spoon knife
  • Awle

The tasks one could accomplish with this kit will be fairly limited. Dave Cantebury has done an extensive video on the subject called ‘The Five Tool Rule’. I would recommend watching this video as it is extremely informative and will give you a good understanding of the reasoning behind these five items.

In an upcoming article we will be discussing: 5 Wooden Tools which can be made in the field to help you accomplish various tasks.

Is there anything specific you personally cannot leave home without that must be in your kit?

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